Bar Biscay

1450 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60642

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Bar Biscay

Bar Biscay - Chicago

While not everyone can pinpoint the Bay of Biscay on a map (hint: It’s along that part of the Atlantic Ocean that stretches from the northern coast of Spain up to the western coast of France), ingredients found there are the stuff of food-lovers’ dreams—think briny seafood from Galicia, Moulard duck from Gascony and grass-rich beef and cheeses from Brittany.​

That notion wasn't lost on us as the name of our restaurant illustrates.

With a seasonally evolving menu that leans Spain in the summer and France in the winter, Chef Johnny Anderes and his kitchen crew have a delicious ingredient sandbox to play in. Our beverage program finds inspiration in the season too. Don't worry though—our vermouth on tap isn't going anywhere.​

Whether you sit in the dining room, at the bar, at the kitchen counter or, weather permitting, on the patio, we think our idea of the perfect neighborhood restaurant, which combines the laidback, friendly atmosphere of a mom-and-pop joint with soulful, product-driven food will bring you back again and again.